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Q14.28. 78000 Swindon Works Overhaul 1961.

There is confusion over two pictures by G. Wheeler concerning 78000.

The first picture in the September 2011 Steam Days shows it at Andover Junction dated Sunday 12th July 1961 on a running in turn (12.40 p.m. to Swindon ) ex Swindon Works. However 12th July was a Wednesday not Sunday which infers that the date is wrong.

The second picture is in the RCTS Standard Locomotives Volume 2 fig 260 p246 which shows it stabled at Andover Junction on running in duties on the 10th April 1961. Volume 5, Table 6.5 states that 78000 was released from Swindon Works on 19th April.

A conclusion could be that the first picture should be dated 12th April, though that was also a Wednesday, but what was the actual sequence?


last updated: 07/11/14