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Q15.01. Locomotive Failure on the Queen of Scots Pullman

At a date around 22nd to 24th April 1952, this up (southbound) express suffered an engine failure in or around the Ripon area with a tender first D49/2 4-4-0 being attached to the front of the train. At Harrogate a chimney first B16 /1 4-6-0 was then attached onto the front of the D49 and this combination then worked the train to Leeds Central, arriving over one hour late. After reversal an A1 pacific took over for the journey to Kings Cross. Which locomotive failed (service booked for a Neville Hill A3 pacific) and what were the locomotives used to work the train to Leeds Central? (DT:7972)


This failure in the Ripon area was on 24th April 1952 and the locomotive which failed was an A1 pacific, probably from the York allocation, rather than the usual A3 pacific from Neville Hill. Surprisingly there appears to be no solid information on the tender first locomotives, believed to be a B16 and a D49, that brought the train into Leeds Central. (Tommy Knox)

last updated: 20/01/16