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Q15.03. Junctions South of Tulse Hill Station

The junctions immediately south of Tulse Hill Station are variously referred to as Tulse Hill Junction and Tulse Hill South Junction, or, according to Jowett, separately as Tulse Hill Streatham Hill Junction (on the Leighton Junction side) and Tulse Hill West Norwood Junction. What was the correct junction designation and were there changes? Also which was the service that no longer goes between Leigham Junction and Tulse Hill referred to in the October 2014 RO, infrastructure section? (PB:10201)


The daily service over the Leigham Junction to Tulse Hill route was the 16.01 Streatham Hill to London Bridge via North Dulwich, a long established “Parliamentary” train. This train could be found in tables 171 and 173 of the All-Line Timetable. The stock came from Streatham Hill stabling sidings. It is believed that the suspension after operation on 22nd August 2014 was due to work in the London Bridge area. However, a vestigial service resumed in the opposite direction from 5th January 2015, when the 10.00 Mondays to Fridays London Bridge (low level) to Streatham Hill commenced running. The junctions are simply known as Tulse Hill North and South, but the current Sectional Appendix shows the whole location as “Tulse Hill”, being controlled remotely from the so-called Victoria box at Clapham Junction. The LBSCR box, called simply Tulse Hill, was at the south end of the station (although at one time on the east of the line it was later replaced by one on the west side). The junctions reached from Tulse Hill, on the Balham Junction - Beckenham Junction line, are Leigham Junction to the west, and West Norwood Junction to the east. (R.Madge:10972, P.Deaves:20844, R.Maund)

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