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Q15.04. Lingfield Lane Signal Box, Darlington

Lingfield Lane signal box in Darlington was situated between the S&D crossing box on the East Coast route and Fighting Cox box further along on the old S&D route. A member who lived in the vicinity believes it served several functions, that of an intermediate box in between the two locations mentioned, a crossing control for the fairly busy Lingfield Lane/McMullen road on the outskirts of Darlington and also as the box controlling the sidings into Paton and Baldwin’s wool factory, and many local goods trip workings were observed. Any information for this box such as date of closure, hours of opening and where a copy of the box diagram might be seen is sought. (GF:21489)


Lingfield Lane signalbox was opened on 21st April 1955 and closed on 21st May 1967. It was a 'modern' brick structure and never had an external name-plate. There was just one siding connection into Paton & Baldwin's site, in which there were about six sidings fed from it. Initially there was no crossover road, but one was installed some time later. A signal box diagram has been supplied. (John Foreman:6942, John Midcalf: Signalling Record Society)

A partial answer in addition to the reply in the above: in 1961 the 'box was open 09.00-17.00 Monday-Friday and 09.00-13.00 Saturday. (Phil Deaves:20844)

last updated: 20/01/16