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Q15.06. Llanwrst North Station Renaming to North Llanwrst

The original Llanrwst Station, that became Llanrwst North on 29th July 1989 having been replaced by a new Llanrwst Station opened to the south and nearer to the village centre was later again renamed, as North Llanrwst/Gogledd Llanrwst, but when? (DJ:21128)


The original Llanrwst station was, as far as the public timetable is concerned, re-named only on 29th July 1989, at the time it "lost" that name to the new station / platform further south, nearer the village centre. Despite signboards saying "Gogledd Llanrwst North" (Gogledd simply being welsh for north), the GB national public timetable has always, since that date, rendered the original station simply as "North Llanrwst" (with no Welsh version). Arriva Trains Wales timetable booklet 4 gives "North Llanrwst / Gogledd Llanrwst". The station nameboard now gives “Gogledd Llanwrst”, above “North Llanwrst”. It is not known when the nameboard change took place, but it does look as if, in welsh, the station name has not been changed since the initial renaming, but the english has been changed. (Richard Maund)

last updated: 20/01/16