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Q15.07. Steam Locomotive Working from Bristol 4th July 1964

Whilst travelling on the 08.00 Newquay to Manchester on 4th July 1964 a member found himself steam hauled from Bristol. Details of the loco involved and how far it worked and whether this was a regular steam working at the time are requested. (MM:12243)


Whilst researching a date when the last steam hauled passenger train stopped at Bradford on Avon I came a cross a great website resource for Bristol based trainspotters www.bristolsteam64.co.uk and looking at this query for 4th July 1964 I can give the following information. This Saturday train from Newquay to Manchester missed out Bristol Temple Meads station but took the route south via St Philips March shed where engines were changed. The engine would then travel via the Marches line via Severn Tunnel and be changed at Shrewsbury. On 4th July 1964 the train was the 13.35 IM95 and the engine was 73097 which at the time was shedded at 84G Shrewsbury so would have been working back to its home shed. It lasted just 11 years and 5 months in service, ending up at 10C Patricroft and was cut up at Cashmores (Great Bridge) during October 1967. Best wishes John Baxter

last updated: 24/01/19