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Q15.08. Class 40s on 17.15 Colchester - Glasgow Queen Street

According to a memberís records the 17.15 Colchester to Glasgow QS was worked by a 52A class 40 from 22 April 1963 at least until August 1964, but in the interests of trying to date a photograph, when did this cease? The photograph includes a The locomotive, carrying the reporting number for this working, 1S11, has a central headcode box (so could be any of D392-D399 allocated to 52A during this period) but the odd thing is its appearance. It is gleaming and has silver painted buffers, not what one would have expected of a Gateshead machine which were usually at the opposite extreme of the cleanliness scale. Possibly it had recently been used on a Royal train or other special duty, or was another North Eastern locomotive. Does this give any indication of a likely time in the 1963 to 1965 period? (GH:10618)

last updated: 14/07/15