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Q15.12. Petts Wood and WW2 Operation Dynamo

Q15.12. Petts Wood and WW2 Operation Dynamo. Petts Wood station on the main line just north of Orpington had a small good yard used mainly for coal deliveries but not often. It had two sidings and a spur off the down slow line just outside the station, facing south towards the coast. The station footbridge was used by the public for crossing from one side of Petts Wood to the other, apart from passenger use. One day, seen from the bridge, the sidings contained two steam trains with carriages. The locomotives were in steam, but at the far end of the sidings, and it is suspected that he carriages were not Southern Railway. This was particularly remembered as a lady carrying a very large tray of sandwiches and drinks from the “Daylight Inn” the local pub, asked our young member to open the gate to the yard for her, as she was taking it all to the train crews. It is very possible that these were trains, being held for use in the evacuation of the troops from Dunkirk. The query is can anyone suggest where the trains had come from, when they departed and what stock and engines were being used or have any other information? (Brian Parkes: 15561)

last updated: 16/09/15