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Q15.16 Great Malvern Station Clock Tower

Q15.16. Great Malvern Station Clock Tower. A group, The Friends of Malvern Railways, is aiming to replace the Victorian clock tower on Great Malvern station and have the drawings to do so. The Malvern-stone building, by E W Elmslie in 1862, had a wooden-framed clock tower. This was demolished perhaps some “60 years ago” but nothing has been found to establish exactly when in the local press, so can any further details be provided? (Bob Green:20772)


The clock tower and much of the station was damaged by fire on 11th April 1986 (See report pages 279 and 501 in 1986 RO). A fund was set up to restore the clock with the building town collected at the time. R.E.Barby (5843)

last updated: 08/05/16