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Q16.12. Damaged Diesel Locomotives Part III

This is further selection of accident damaged diesel locomotives with the date of the photograph.
08179 (15th June 1975)		08252 (undated)		08898 (October 1989)
20077 (January 1989)		20134 (21st June1991)	24135 (July1977)
25151 (15th March 1984)		27203 (undated)		31143 (9th October 1988)
31159 (12th May1996)		31192 (26th September1982)	31196 (26th September 1982)
31241 (19th April 1982)		31244 (10th October 1982)	31436 (undated)
31440 (undated)			31464 (January 1991)
Once again there is no record of the place, time or cause of the damage, and any information of a possible
 occurrence would be helpful.	(Paul Chancellor:9408)
08179 collided with 84005 at Stafford Station on 22nd May 1975, was subsequently stored at Stafford Salop Sidings, then moved to Derby Works on 14th June 1975 and withdrawn on the 22nd.
08252 was severely damaged on 17th July 1981 as a result of the explosion of a rail tanker containing methanol at Dringhouses Yard, York. It was subsequently withdrawn on 2nd August 1981.
08898 hit the Pontnewydd (Glyn Abbey) bridge near Pontyates on the Gwendraeth Valley branch where only Class 08/9 locomotives are allowed on 8th November 1988. It was moved to the Coedbach Disposal Point.
20077 collided with a coal chute at Bickershaw Colliery on 16th March 1988 and sustained severe cab damage. It was subsequently withdrawn and parts used for 20088. On 21st April 1990 the shell was moved by road to Vic Berry, Leicester.
20134 coupled to 20131 was involved in a collision and a fatality at Worksop on 18th May 1989 when it hit the rear of an MGR train and received cab damage. It was put to store and subsequently withdrawn on 19th July 1989 at Toton.
25151 ran out of control with hopper wagons through Slaithwaite and Huddersfield stations on 3rd September 1982 after a brake failure. It was diverted into Hillhouse Goods Yard where it collided with a Ferry Van and smashed through buffers. Withdrawn at Healey Mills on 12th September 1982, it was cut up at Coton Hill, Toton, by staff from Vic Berry between 13th December 1987 and 20th January 1988.
27203 suffered severe damage (bent frames, both cab ends) on 14th September 1982 when it collided with EMU 303018 after failing to stop on a falling gradient at Dalmuir. It was subsequently stored, initially at Glasgow Works and then at Derby Works, where it was with withdrawn on 9th May 1983. Cut up at Derby Etches Park by contractor Vic Berry on 2nd March 1986.
31143 was in collision with 47235 at Bescot Yard on 11th September 1988. Both locomotives were dumped on Bescot mpd on 9th October 1988, when the depot held an Open Day. They were withdrawn and moved to Doncaster works for parts recovery, 47235 on 24 October 1988 but 31143 not until December 1988 - January 1989. 31143 was cut up by Booths at Rotherham in 1989 and 47235 by Vic Berry at Leicester in 1990.
31159 collided with a permanent way vehicle at Peak Forest on 2nd April1996.
31192, whilst working in tandem with 31314, collided with 56007 at Lindsey Oil Refinery near Grimsby on 30th July 1982. It was noted at Doncaster Works on 8th August and subsequently withdrawn there on 10th October 1982.
31196 hauling the 01.01 Ipswich-Peterborough TPO on 22nd June 1982 is believed to have passed a red light and received a badly-crushed cab in a collision with the 23.20 ex-Peterborough TPO hauled by 31206, on the ladder junction at Haughley Junction, near Stowmarket. It was subsequently towed to Norwich by 37053, and then went to Doncaster Works where it was repaired.
31436 suffered collision damaged at Chinley on 10th March 1986, while hauling the 1833 Sheffield-Manchester, when it hit 45014, which was stationary. 31436 was stored at Doncaster Works and was subsequently withdrawn. 31440 was damaged in a collision with 47089 at Chinley on 20th February 1987, and was withdrawn at Doncaster on 5th March.
31464 suffered severe cab damage at Manchester Victoria on 17th July 1985 when it collided with the 18.10 Manchester-Southport DMU, while starting out on a trip freight working. On 31st March 1986, it was noted at Doncaster Works with collision damage. It was then repaired. On 10th September 1990, it was noted with collision damage to No.1 cab end. It was subsequently stored and withdrawn at BRML Doncaster on 4th January 1991.
(Peter Kerridge:19017, Mark Chaplin:16826, E. Irvine 8441)

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