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Q17.04.Patriots at Nuneaton

Q17.04. Patriot at Nuneaton. In the early 1960s a member travelled on a special from Leicester to Leamington Spa for the Illuminations. At Nuneaton an unrebuilt Patriot was put on the train. According to the Leicester Mercury newspaper for that period, specials from Leicester to Leamington for the Illuminations were advertised to run on Saturday 10th September 1960 and Saturday 9th September 1961, which was the last year of the Illuminations. Nuneaton is believed to have had an allocation of five or six unrebuilt Patriots from December 1960 to the Autumn of 1962, which would suggest the more likely date would have been 9th September 1961. Does anyone have any records for 1960 or 1961 that could suggest the locomotive’s identity? (John Foston: 17180)

last updated: 10/05/17