Query Corner

On Tuesday July 29 I have 20060/176 listed as working the 0930 Nottingham-Skegness and 1900 Skegness-Nottingham - a Tinsley-Toton combination, which was relatively unusual in the mid 1970s, but not unheard of... It's the following day where I have the real query. I had 20176/177 down for the same train, but another source suggests this might have actually been 20012/177. Fast forward three days to August 2, a Saturday, and 20143/176 worked the 0920 Derby-Skegness and 1305 Skegness-Derby. So did 20176/177 or 20012/177 work on July 30? Was 20060 definitely with 20176? Did 20176 really have 20060, possibly 20177 and 20143 as partners over five days? Can anyone clarify any of these workings - ideally with a pic? Pip Dunn

last updated: 09/07/17