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Q18.11. Royal Journeys to Sandringham

Q18.11. Royal Journeys to Sandringham.
The Royal Family traditionally take a Christmas and New Year holiday at Sandringham, with a lot of train travel to get there and back. But the Royal Train vehicles based at Wolverton were not used, so the journeys do not feature in the National Railway Museum records recently referred to in A13.02, leading to three questions about these journeys:
When did HM the Queen first travel from Liverpool Street instead of Kings Cross?
When was the last Royal Train to use Wolferton station?
When were the East Coast Joint Stock saloons 395 and 396 used for the last time? (Mark Chaplin: 16826)

Do you mean use KX instead of Liverpool Street, since KX is now used? I imagine that HM the Queen has always used a through train and that this would therefore be when Lynn services ceased to be run regularly from Liverpool Street and moved to KX following completion of the Royston to Cambridge and Cambridge to Ely and Kings Lynn wirings. (Stuart Hicks)

last updated: 10/01/19