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QX11.01. Fowler Diesel on the Isle of Wight.
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Many years ago I went on a family holiday to the Isle of Wight I am pretty sure that this was 1970 when I was 8 years old and was most probably in late May which is when we always took our holidays. I was at the age when I was starting to take an interest in railways and as we did not have a car we used the railway to travel around the east side of the Island during the holiday.

We stayed at Sandown and I have a distinct memory of a Fowler diesel shunter locomotive coupled to a brake van, stored in one of the platforms at Sandown Station. I remember looking at the builder's plate above the radiator which as well as the builder's name also included Leeds.

I have never been able to identify this locomotive or find any reference to it.

From checking Colin Marsden's locomotive directory I note that all Fowler diesels in departmental use had been withdrawn by 1970.

I have wondered if it may have been a contractor's locomotive possibly used during electrification

work and left on the Island. It is a shame that a photograph was never taken. If there is any possibility that any RCTS members could shed any light on this mystery I would be very pleased. (AP)


The diesel at Sandown was a Hunslet O5 (05001) This was kept at Sandown for many years with the engineers train. Present would have been several open wagons, ballast hoppers, 2 PMVs and two 15 ton SR goods brakes. This locomotive (and the brake vans, PMVs + many of the wagons) is now at Havenstreet. (PJ)

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