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QX11.04 Codnor Park & Ironville Station

Is anyone able to help me find any photographs of Codnor Park & Ironville Station before it was demolished in the late 1960s. I need these photographs for a future project. I have acquired one or two very old black and white photographs taken in the 1930s. They are ok but of quite poor quality. I would gratefully accept any help or advice that you could offer. (JS)


I realise I may be a bit late here, but in your "Query Corner" in March 2011, someone asked about photos of the above station. If they look at www.picturethepast.org.uk and then type the appropriate names in the Search facility, there are a number of photos of the station(s) which may be useful. I'm not a member of RCTS, just a passer-by. (KC)

last updated: 11/03/12