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QX11.08 RCTS shed visit 28th July 1946

I am not now a Member, I'm afraid, but I was (No. 2734) from 1946 for nearly fifty years - being a Steam enthusiast, I'd rather lost interest by then.

However, I thought I'd send you the enclosed image, taken by the late Graham Lloyd (then a friend of mine) on 28 July 1946 at Nottingham LMS Shed on the occasion of a mammoth RCTS Tour, by coach from Birmingham, to the Sheds at:- Burton, Derby, Toton, Nottingham, Colwick, Mansfield, Kirkby, Annesley and Westhouses! It was quite a day, and I still have a complete record of all the 794 locomotives we saw...but I forgot to take my camera. In much later years I've wanted to get hold of photographs that other people might have taken that day, but have had no success. I find there are no photos on the RCTS Lists, but I wonder if you have contact with any of the other Members - obviously now of very advanced age - who were on that Trip? The attached image shows us all (I am the lanky youth 6th from the right) grouped round Midland 2-4-0 No. 20002, which - can you believe it?! - was fresh from repair at Derby Works. (BWLB).

   20002, fresh from repair at Derby Works, on Nottingham LMS Shed with the visiting RCTS party on 28th July 1946   Graham Lloyd

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