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QX11.09. 46443 on a railtour at Bristol in the early 1980s

First up I am not a member of the RCTS, but a Bristolian living in self imposed exile in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. My interest in railways is very catholic but my main interest is the GWR. I am also associated with a photo sharing forum in which we share photos and comments about steam railways. We have recently shared two photos of an excursion in and around Bristol in the early 1980s, shown here. One of the two shots shows 46443 leaving Bristol Temple Meads chimney first, the other shows the same train heading under the Clifton Suspension Bridge but now tender first. How did the locomotive get turned around, and could we be enlightened with any details of the excursions in question? (PMH)

   46443 leaving Bristol Temple Meads.   Vaughan Gallois
   46443 passing under the Clifton Suspension Bridge.   Vaughan Gallois


As part of the GWR 150 celebrations, on 15th September 1985, BR ran three BTM - Portishead specials headed by 46443, routed BTM - Portishead - Bristol West Junction - North Somerset Junction - BTM, so the second one started tender first from BTM. (MJG:7487)

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