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QX13.03. Major derailment at Lugton (ScR) c1966.

Can anyone confirm the date of a derailment of Perth to Maxwellton (Dumfries) milk train at Lugton on the GBK line, possibly in July 1966?

I was then employed by BR and recall that it took three days to clear up the mess. Only the guard was injured, but major damage to track and rolling stock. Pictures of clear up are in vol 2 of Peter Tatlow book "Railway Breakdown Cranes" page 361, captioned (incorrectly) as "oil tanks".

I also remember reading the detailed accident report, but can find no trace of it as an MOT publication and it may have only been an internal BR document - again does anyone have knowledge?



I can just recall my late father, an ScR officer, talking of a milk train that came off the road on the GB&K near Caldwell. I believe the date of the accident was 30/05/1966. (JW)

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