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QX13.05. GWR Locomotive Works Numbers

It is believed that the GWR used works numbers until around 1922 or 1923, when this practice seemed to have stopped, but there were some odd exceptions including the 7200 class members 7240 to 7253 inclusive, which may have had works numbers in the period 1937 to 1939. Can it be confirmed that as well as recorded in the books these numbers were stamped on the engines and where, and why the above examples happened some three to five years after the practice seemed to have stopped? Also why was this practice stopped? (MW)


An answer to this query regarding Swindon works plates can be found in RCTS publications and also from the Great Western Archive web site on - http://www.greatwestern.org.uk I quote here from both: - From the Great Western Archive-
1911 (4301 - 4320) to lot number 183
" Production itself followed on within the month of building number 4301, but it interesting to note that the first ten engines of the class were the last locomotives to carry the Swindon works plate under the smokebox "
ALSO from RCTS book The Locomotives of the Great western Railway Vol. 9. Page J13 : - Quote -
The initial Lot. Nos. 4301 20 were the first engines turned out with top feed and the earlier ones (up to 4309 or thereabouts) were the last engines to carry Swindon works plates (Phil Hicks)

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