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QX13.07. Industrial Shunter at the Heritage Shunter Trust, Rowsley.

I saw this Industrial Shunter (see photograph) at the Heritage Shunter Trust site at Rowsley on the 5th June.

   Locomotive at the Heritage Shunter Trust, Rowsley on 5th June 2013   DF

I can't find any information on the web about it, can anyone enlighten me on the builders and its history? (DF)


I think that the answer to this query can be found here: http://www.railfaneurope.net/pix/gb/diesel/shunter/misc/pix.html
Scroll down to the 5th photo which seems to be the same loco. Some brief notes about the loco accompany it. (GM:18600)

The loco in the picture at Rowsley is Brush 803 built in 1978 and was a departmental loco on Tyne & Wear Metro where it was numbered WL3 (AH:14188)

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