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QX14.02. North Yorkshire & Cleveland Railway

I am trying to obtain information, mainly photographic of the NY&C Railway between Picton and Battersby, closed in 1965. The RTCS visited part of the line in 1963. Are there any contacts who may have been involved in this visit?

I have obtained a lot of documents and drawings regarding the line, including original survey and purchase details, engineers track diagram etc, along with a good number of photos from both the J.Mallon and Armstrong collections.

My main interest is in the infrastructure of the line, and it's two branches (Whorlton-Scugdale and Rosedale) rather than the locomotives and rolling stock used, and am looking for any photographs, if possible showing the stations and lineside. I have already contacted the following, NERA, NRM-York, County archives-Northallerton, the K.Hoole collection and Armstrong collection.


last updated: 08/01/14