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QX.14.03. Locomotives Stored at Carnforth

I was a fireman at 10A from April 1967 to August 1968, when as everyone knows the steam era ended. Temporarily, at least...

I have often regretted not having listed the locos which were then stored at Carnforth awaiting their ultimate fate and have recently been making efforts to find out if any such list exists. The NRM has not been very helpful, telling me that I can get a list of locos allocated there at the end of steam, but that was not my question. A similar enquiry to the Heritage Centre at Carnforth was also unproductive, and appeals to the British preservation site have also failed to bear fruit.

Can details of the the locomotives stored at Carnforth in this period be supplied from RCTS sources please? (DM)


RO November 1968 page 393 states "On 21st September the shed contained
44709/35/58,44809/77/97,44915/63,45025/95,45134,45200/6/9/68,45310/30/42/90/4,45424/35/45,48124,75009/19/20/,92077,92160/7 all for disposal. For preservation were 42073/85,44871,45231,61306,75027/48 and LMS 6441." (TR)

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