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QX14.04. RCTS Railtour at Halifax St Pauls?

I am writing the Yorkshire volume for Silver Link Publishing's 'Lost stations' series. Halifax (St Pauls) - closed to regular passenger services in 1917 - is one of the stations to be included. Excursions continued to use Halifax (St Pauls) for many years after this, and I am trying to establish when the last passenger train visited the station. Martin Bairstow in Great Northern Railway in West Yorkshire states that it was an SLS excursion on 6 September 1953 (with photo) and 'Six Bells Junction' railtour files provide confirmation of this enterprise. However Chris Armour in the 'Disused Stations' website entry refers to an RCTS excursion to St Pauls in February 1954, with some detail about its operation on the branch. The 'Six Bells Junction' railtour files have no reference to any excursions in that month, and I cannot find any mention of it in Railway Magazine.

I should be grateful if you could let me know whether there was an RCTS railtour which visited Halifax St Pauls later than the SLS one of September 1953. (AY)


I have checked the Society rail tour records and there was no tour dated February 1954. Looking through the records I can see no tours in mid to late 1950s that went through Halifax. Andy Davies (16964) RCTS Archivist

last updated: 08/03/19