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QX14.08. Bristol - Gloucester Last Day 2nd January 1965.

Iím wondering if you can help, or put me on to anyone who can? In view of the forthcoming 50th anniversary of the withdrawal of local services over this route I have been asked what worked the last trains. I was on the last northbound train, the 18:30 from Temple Meads, and my log book leads me to believe that this was Peak D64. I am trying to establish what was on the last southbound service, which I believe was probably the 17:40 from Gloucester. I have tried the Mangotsfield Railway Circle and various local enthusiasts but, surprisingly, their records donít cover this date. My vague memory is that it was a scruffy Great Western tender engine, probably devoid of plates hence I did not get the number. I suspect it was one of Gloucester Horton Roadís Manors.


last updated: 07/11/14