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QX16.01. Last train on the Taunton - Barnstaple Line

I am currently paging up the first volume of what will be a two volume history of the Taunton to Barnstaple line, which is due for publication in November. The author, Freddie Huxtable, has included a reference to a North British Type 2 hauling an inspection train along the line on 7th February 1967, which was after it had closed officially but before dismantling had properly started. The reference is taken from a contemporary issue of the Railway Observer, which I’m presuming would have recorded the loco number but Freddie makes no mention of this in his brief mention of the trip. I do have some RO back numbers but unfortunately none for 1957, so cannot look this up myself. Are you or any RCTS member able to help with checking this for me please? Many thanks Neil Parkhouse


The locomotive was not identified by the contributor.

last updated: 12/03/17