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Basel was our principal destination for Friday 12th June, but we didn’t go straight there. Making our way via Olten to Liestal we visited the metre gauge Waldenburg Bahn. Back at Liestal we continued to Basel SBB. We popped out to Basel Bad (in the German sector) to have a quick look at the stabling areas and have a bite of lunch. An interesting thing happened here in that several of us, independently of each other identified a clean and smart looking DB Cl.111 – which is/was alleged to have been withdrawn and scrapped 5 years ago following a major derailment!

Returning to SBB we then made our way out to Muttenz to the enormous freight yard there, where peering over the bridge parapets, we identified most of the yard trip locos and numerous others stabled there awaiting their next turn of duty. Back at Basel SBB in good time for the afternoon peak period, the trammists were able to indulge their passion from the railway station platforms.

Up to now, although the weather was hot, humid and highly pressured at times, we hadn’t had our customary central European thunderstorm. We got an absolute firecracker this afternoon, the high point being the blinding single flash of lightning accompanied instantly by a truly deafening single bang! – followed about 3 minutes later by fire appliances, sirens wailing, being dispatched to various parts of the city. When all had calmed down again, The Brasserie in the station attended to our hunger and thirst, before we returned to Fribourg.

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WB 13 Waldenburg 12Jun15 Richard Morris
  WaldenburgerBahn 13 (built 1985) parked outside the depot at Waldenburg. Photograph taken at 10:13 on Friday 12th June. Richard Morris

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