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The remaining CJ lines beckoned on Tuesday 9th June, so we re-traced Monday’s steps to La Chaux-de-Fonds, this time opting for BLS all the way on adjacent MUTZ units, 515002 from Fribourg to Bern, and 515001 from there to Biel. Our train from Biel to La Chaux was SBB unit 526285. At La Chaux we boarded the CJ service (unit 614) to Le Noirmont and from there to Tavannes on unit 634. Going on from Tavannes to Moutier and Solothurn (SBB unit 526286), we did a bit more of the ASm network thus taking in the lines to Langenthal and St Urban.

The plan for the afternoon was to spend some time train watching at Olten. We were kept very busy writing numbers down during the afternoon. At around 6.00pm we caved in to thirst and hunger and made our way to the station restaurant for a delicious pizza and some liquid refreshment.

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SBB 526-262 Sonceboz-Sombeval 09Jun15 Malcolm Hammond
  SBB 526-262 (Stadler Regioliner built 2004 for BLS and transferred to SBB in 2013) arriving at Sonceboz-Sombeval working RE3665 (11:02 from La Chaux-de-Fonds to Biel/Bienne). Photograph taken at 11:29 on Tuesday 9th June. Malcolm Hammond

ASm 110 Solothurn 09Jun15 Richard Morris
  ASm 110 (Stadler Star built 2008) arriving at Solothurn to work R9442 the 13:46 to Langenthal. Photograph taken at 13:44 on Tuesday 9th June. Richard Morris

CJ 621 Tramelan 09Jun15 Richard Morris
  Chemin de Fer du Jura freight and works car 621 (originally Frauenfeld-Wil Bahn 207 built 1947) outside the depot at Tramelan. Photograph taken at 13:53 on Tuesday 9th June. Richard Morris

BLS 485-006 Olten 09Jun15 Richard Morris
  BLS 485-006 (Bombardier TRAXX built 2003) passing Olten on an international freight road/rail train to Italy. Photograph taken at 15:55 on Tuesday 9th June. SBB 620-065 passing Olten Richard Morris

SBB 11357 Olten 09Jun15 Malcolm Hammond
  SBB Re4/4 11357 (built 1964) passing westboubg through Olten on a freight. Photograph taken at 16:14 on Tuesday 9th June. Malcolm Hammond

SBB 620-065 Olten 09Jun15 Richard Morris
  SBB 620-065 (Re6/6 built 1972) and 421-385 (Re4/4 built 1964) passing on a freight train. Photograph taken at 16:40 on Tuesday 9th June. Richard Morris

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