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Wednesday 10th June was described in the itinerary as a ‘quiet day’ – quiet? – yeh, right! The trammists ventured off early to Bern to have a go at the city trams, whilst the rest of us followed a little later.

Our first target of the day was the Regionalverkher Bern Solothurn operated tram route (S6) from Bern to Worb Dorf. From there we returned to Bern Hbf, into the undercroft platforms on a standard gauge RBS train, before going out to Belp on BLS MUTZ unit 515012. From Belp to the beautiful lakeside town of Thun we travelled on BLS unit 565742. Whilst we were at Thun one of the lake services left the landing stage, which is right next to the rail station.

From Thun we intended to travel to Hasle Ruegsau. Well we did but part of the journey was on a bus due to some engineering work. From Hasle we continued to Burgdorf on another BLS Cl.566 unit 566230 this time. Next item on the agenda was the Oensingen Balsthal Bahn (OeBB) line, so we made our way to Oensingen via Olten. OeBB unit 207 (the former SBB 560 000 – another of the prototype Cl.560s) provided traction up to Balsthal and back.

We thought to spend the afternoon train watching the RBS network, so made our way to Solothurn, thence to Jegenstorf and on to Worblaufen, where the three RBS standard gauge routes come together. Hunger eventually drove us back into Bern where we found the Rock Garden Restaurant built around part of the city walls under the station. A superb meal and liquid refreshment replenished our health before we made our way back to Fribourg.

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BLS 515-012 Belp 10Jun15 Richard Morris
  BLS 515-012 (Stadler Mutz built 2012) at Belp waiting to work the 10:52 S31 to M nchenbuchsee. Photograph taken at 10:45 on Wednesday 10th June. Richard Morris

BLS 173 Thun 10Jun15 Richard Morris
  BLS class 425 numbers 173 and 182 (built 1964) passing through Thun on a mixed intermodal and piggyback train. Photograph taken at 11:33 on Wednesday 10th June. Richard Morris

OeBB 103 Balsthal 10Jun15 Richard Morris
  Withdrawn OeBB Electric Locomotives 102 and 103 outside the depot at Balsthal. These locomotives were built in 1944. Photograph taken at 14:36 on Wednesday 10th June. Richard Morris

RBS 27 Worblaufen 10Jun15 Richard Morris
  RBS set 27 (Stadler NeXT unit built 2013) passing Worblaufen working the 16:50 RE8 from Bern RBS to Solothurn. Photograph taken at 16:57 on Wednesday 10th June. Richard Morris

Bern Bahnhof
Bern Tram 651 Bern Bahnhof 10Jun15 Simon Reeve
  Bern tram 651 (Siemens Combino) outside Bern Bahnhof. Photograph taken on Wednesday 10th June. Simon Reeve

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