Swiss Holiday 2017


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Neuchâtel Tramway or bust!

June 2017 saw the RCTS touring party embark on the first of the Switzerland mop up holidays, that is, to travel over the lines and systems which we missed during the four earlier visits. So it was that nine participants headed for Zurich on 3rd June. For five of us our chariot from Heathrow was British Airways Airbus A320 G-EUUF which was well loaded for departure. Base camp for the week was the IBIS Zürich Messe Airport, where we had stayed on the 1st visit and which is just a short bus ride from Oerlikon station. We discovered the building work around Oerlikon had been completed. Most of this involved the tracks serving the station with new tunnels taking trains towards Zurich Hauptbahnhof. The lottery was guessing 'where' the traveller would arrive in HB and which route was taken to get there when boarding the train at Oerlikon. One clue was if a train was scheduled to call at Zürich Hardbrücke - the above ground route was taken, which then ended downstairs at HB; if the train was booked fast HB then either of the two underground routes was where we went. One of these popped up just outside the main station and delivered into the above ground platforms, the other took us way downstairs. As most of our days out involved starting at Oerlikon and changing trains at HB we achieved all possible permutations during the week getting between the two.

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