Why are you a member (or not) of the RCTS?

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Re: Why are you a member (or not) of the RCTS?

Post by ttrains » Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:02 pm

I am a newcomer to RSCTS, having joined in 2007, and after a bit or a lapse rejoined in 2013. My original intention--and a hope--is to be able to contribute in some way shape or form; but for the time being, my main "activity" is to go through the RO. I live in Leicester and I rely on trains to get me to places (though I am not complaining about that!). As such, getting to branch meeting on Tuesdays (always a bit problematic for someone who is working and with a young family) means trying to catch the 21.35 out of Nottingham, which is not feasible, or having have to wait for the last one out (the 23.10), which gets me into Leicester at 23.56--which is too late, as I need to get up early the following day. If the East Midlands branch had a day event--and on a weekend, perhaps--I might be able to get involved more.
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Re: Why are you a member (or not) of the RCTS?

Post by BigMal442 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:57 am

Hi Gents,
Meetings are difficult especially for those who need to use public transport. The NE branch for years met on a saturday evening historically after shed visits.
A change was agreed to move to thursday evenings at Darlington like the Newcastle meetings. It was proposed by the then Chairman to move meetings to a thursday afternoon as some members would not come out at night. I opposed this as it would have become an over 65's retirees society as other branches were considering the same and would have ment that I could not attend meetings.
Afternoon meeting were the set up in addition to the evening meetings with big name speakers but after a good start attendences dwinded and we had to call a halt to the afternoon meetings.
The NE branch have now moved the Darlington venue next to the station which has resulted in members being able to use the railways to attend meetings as per the Newcastle meetings. But without support from members then meetings become unviable.


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Re: Why are you a member (or not) of the RCTS?

Post by Paddy » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:47 pm

I was first made aware of the RCTS about 35 years ago. I was trying to get some work done by an engineer at my workplace in a Pharmaceutical company, He was reading one of the RCTS L.B.& S.C.R. books by D.L.Bradley. I have forgotten what it was I went into have made for my project, but I have not forgotten the thrill of finding a book that was packed with information ? even better than the O.S.Nock books I had thought the best until then. I assumed RCTS publications were the ultimate in quality reporting, and the size of the RO and the various publications suited my taste and bookshelf well. I did not join the RCTS until 2002, in anticipation of early retirement. I am not a joiner, or particularly sociable. However, I have found the RCTS meetings and those of a local Society completely to my liking. If I want to join in, I am welcome. If I want to attend and keep quiet, I can do so. There are people who can usually answer any query I have, can confirm or inform me of some early incidents as a spotter. Inevitably I have been drawn into putting something back into the Society with many others? Index, Photo Archive, Reviews. I appreciate that now I am retired I am fortunate to have a RCTS branch that hold meetings in the afternoon, but will travel if there is a meeting I particularly want to catch. To me the RCTS is still my first choice for the definitive book on locomotives, despite competition from the likes of Irwell Press etc. It is also a Society that I feel comfortable in offering much in the way of friendship and community spirit, which I see regularly demonstrated at our monthly meetings. My only regret is A4. My bookcases look so much better with the Green Books, Oakwood Press and Vic Mitchells series.

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Re: Why are you a member (or not) of the RCTS?

Post by EssexSteve » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:15 pm

I joined the RCTS just after the formation of the South Essex branch at Shenfield after a work colleague mentioned about a meeting in a pub close to Shenfield Station taking place to see if there was enough interest which I recall there being around 60 people showing an interest on the night and so the branch was formed and on my travels back to Hornchurch I had some company on the train back to Romford who encouraged me to join and I later found out after joining that two of the gentlemen doing the encouraging turned out to be the Society President and at the time the society secretary(the late John Baker) and as at the time I was only in my early twenties I was the youngest member of the branch and I have been a member ever since and have been a regular at both Shenfield and before the demise of the branch I regularly attended Central London meetings at Euston and up until it's current closure the library at Uxbridge all of which I have enjoyed a lot
I have also attended a number of AGM's and members weekends all of which are organised superbly and a few weeks back attended my first officers conference at Llandudno as I am now the fixtures secretary for South Essex a role which I enjoy doing and I would recommend anyone of any age to join as the RO is an excellent publication as are the events I have attended and I think the idea of opening branches around London was a very good idea so that members and non members don't have to travel into London for meetings and return home in the evenings
All in all I have been a member for around 21 years and have enjoyed being a member of the RCTS and I hope and am sure this will continue for a long time to come

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