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I am the author, developer and administrator of the website I have taken on an awful lot of work in trying to get this site accurate and informative and I appeal to RCTS members to help me in this aim.

My principal request is for sighting information. Most of us kept log books of one kind or another and I want to incorporate sightings (with dates and locations as a bare minimum) from anytime before 1997. I am particularly interested in the transition years during the 1960's, but I'm by no means limited to that period, and I would like steam/diesel and multiple unit sightings. I already have on board a few enthusiasts and there is a fair amount of stuff on the web in various formats and detail too.

The RCTS have kindly allowed me to use Railway Observer sightings and I am in the process of incorporating that information (that is a huge task in itself!), then there was the Railway Magazine, Railway Observer, Modern Railways/Trains Illustrated and the SLS records and so on.

If you have old spotting books with enough info to identify the site and the date, aswell as the loco/unit number, then please consider contacting me (don't omit anything!) - I am happy to take photocopies/scans or even better, text/excel documents of your sightings.

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