Southern Region Sightings

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Southern Region Sightings

Post by Controller1701 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:53 pm

Good Evening gents

A first time poster, I am in the process of writing a computer simulation working timetable for the Southern Region and have been looking at doing a timetable for a Monday to Friday week commencing Monday 16th November 1982. The simulations cover all three divisions of the Southern Region. I have recently obtained a Locoshed book covering the 1982 period so have got which units were at which depots. This would allow me to 'allocate' random units to each service, however I would prefer where the information has been recorded use the actual units that were running services that day.

I haven't been a member of the RCTS long enough to have been receiving the RO for that period. If any one on here has any service allocations for any of the weekdays in the mentioned then any such info would be gratefully accepted. My initial thoughts are to only cover one days running, however if enough data was available unit and loco wise to do more than one consecutive day this would be an option.

Many thanks in anticipation for any assistance rendered.

Kind Regards

Paul Curran

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