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Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Mon May 18, 2015 5:51 pm
by Andy Davies
Just starting a new thread for anyone who is interested!

We aim to get the details and booking form to Mike Robinson in the next week or so, meaning they will be sent to you with the July RO.

Any updates will be posted here and you can contact me either here or via

Andy Davies

Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:27 pm
by Andy Davies
I have had confirmation, from the Managing Editor, that the Booking form will be sent out with the July RO.

I await a flood of booking forms arriving.......................

Cheers from the Booking Clerk. :lol:


Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:57 pm
by Andy Davies
We've had a couple of questions, so I'll post the answers here:

The Sunday visit to the G W R does include the train rides. The price doesn't include lunch, but you will be able to get lunch on the Railway. We haven't organised lunch as, this year, we will be able to go to the railway at different times and won't all be doing the same itinerary.

The hotel restaurant will be open on Sunday night: ... urant.html

It appears that operation of the 2' gauge North Gloucestershire Railway finishes in September. We are trying to get confirmation of this. ... table.aspx

Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 9:51 am
by Andy Davies
After the first week since RO receipt, we have had 37 bookings and the Routemaster to the Dean Forest Railway is half full.

If members wish to go to the DFR on the Routemaster, send your booking form urgently!

Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:58 pm
by Andy Davies
We now only have 11 places left on the Routemaster to the Dean Forest Railway.

Seats are allocated strictly on a first come, first served, basis as I open the envelopes................

Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:43 pm
by Andy Davies
Today we have filled the Routemaster to the Dean Forest Railway.

We have still to arrange additional transport to the DFR. Any bookings for that visit received from now on will either travel by car or Minibus, dependant on numbers and cost. We will let you know, in the confirmation letter that will be sent out mid-September, how you will be travelling.

Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:04 am
by Andy Davies
Any member who wants to attend but has not booked, must get their booking form to me this week. Bookings close when my post has arrived on Saturday 5th September.


Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:36 pm
by Andy Davies
It has been confirmed that the hotel name has changed back to it's original name (which some members might remember) The Golden Valley Hotel. ... ley-hotel/

This does not affect any of the arrangements for the weekend.

Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:38 pm
by Andy Davies
The booking confirmation letters are now in the post, so should arrive next week.

Re: Members' Weekend and Officers' Conference 2015

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:08 pm
by terrysilcock117
Magazine Collectors

Peter King, the Society's Caretaker Librarian, has asked me to circulate this information via the E-mail group and the RCTS Forum.

Peter had been reviewing the stock of unbound magazines currently in the Library's collection. As a result it has been agreed that many should be offered to members for their collections. They are of various years and titles, mainly relating to preservation and other specialist groups. Unfortunately at present it will NOT be practical to conduct postal sales,

But it is possible for items to be ordered for collection at the Members' Weekend at Cheltenham in October. It will later be possible to order items for collection from Watford branch meetings. There are two lists of those stored at the Uxbridge Library and those stored at the Watford Branch Meeting Room, which are only accessible on the first Tuesday in each Calendar month.

We are seeking a good home for any of these items, but a donation towards Library funds will be expected.

1) List of those still stored at Library, E-mail

28 Lines 9-25 (1977-87), 39-56 (1992-2001)
Between the Lines (Weardale) 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,14 (1993-6) 40,43 (2003-4)
Bulliver 159-165 (2003-4)
Corris-pondent 127-136 (1999-2001) plus Journals 2000/2001
Ecclesbourne Express 16-28,38-41 (2004-11)
Great Western Echo 153-164 (2001-3) 176-178 (2006-7) 189-191 (2010)
Gwili News 89-94 (2001-1)
Harakevet 23-26 (1994)
Industrial Locomotive 130-134 (2009)
Inter City Express (ICRS) Vols 14-21 (1986-1993) incomplete
plus some of Vols 26,28,29 (1998-2001)
Ipswich Transport Society Journal 544-551 (2010)
Iron Horse (Lakeside) 21-59 (1973-1995) incomplete
Joint Line (1st Series) 6,7 (1969-70)
Joint Line (new series) 2-8,10,11 (1973-1975) 125-132 (2005-6)
Llanuwchllyn Express (Bala Lake) 1-9 (1974-8) 16-18 (1980)
Metro Express 54-77 (1993-4) 82,83 (1995)
Moors Line 122-131 (1999-2001) 177,179 (2012/3)
National Freight Scene 11,30 (c1992)
Nene Steam 39-77 incomplete (1992-2004)
Peak Express 1,5,7,8,14,18 (2004-8)
Push & Pull (K&WVR) 179,185,193,195 (2009-13)
Semaphore (Avon Valley Rly) 92-96,98 (1998-2001) and ground signal 12-15
Skandiapilen 70,72 (2013/4)
SNCF Society Journal 44,45,48,49,53,55,56 (1998-2001) 157 (2015)
Steam in the Peak 8,12,13,14 (1977-9) 77-106 incomplete (1996-2003)
Syphon (Class 37 Group) 14,16,18,20,22,23,24-8,30 (1989-90)
Tanfield Railway News various issues 1984-1993;
The Tanfield 1-6 (2009-10)
Tiddly Dyke Vols 1-5 (almost complete) (1978-86), 81,87,92-96 (2008-11)

Swindon & Cricklade Rly Newsletter 8,14,30,31,43,45-9,53,54 (1987-2001)
Yesterday Transport Digest (Transport Trust) 32,33,34,37,46,47 (1991-5)
Transport Digest (Transport Trust) 51-77 (4 missing); (1996-2004) 94-98 (2009-10)
Stovepipe (Urie Loco Society) 6-10 (1978-9)
Urie Preservation Group N/L 18 issues 1980-1987
Urie Locomotive Society N/L 27-38 (1996-2001)
Watlington Flyer 28,31,41,52-67,69-73 (1992-2001)
West Somerset Railway Journal 134,135 (2011)
Wirral Railway Society Journal 14-26,28,29 (175-80)
Woody Bay News (Ruislip Lido) 29-34 (1987-8)

List of those at Watford Branch E-mail;

76084 News 29 issues 2003-12 nos 2-9/1-16/18-23
Bodmin & Wenford News 40+issues 1987-2009
Branch Line News (UK sections only) 2007
British Overseas Railway Journal 1986-93 nos 1-10 complete
Darjeeling Mail 1999-2001 nos 5-14 complete
Duke, The (71000 Society) 1977-1992 39 issues, but incomplete run
East Lancs Railway News 2001, 2007 nos 59.61,65.73
Footplate (73082 soc) 21issues 1980+ most of nos 18-41 (?3 missing)
Friends of Settle& Carlisle 20 copies 1997-2010
GCR Yearbook (GCR Soc) 6 copies 1998-2003
Great Western Echo 1963-6 nos 5-17
Keeping Tracks (Epping Forest Railway) 27 copies 1994-2010 nos 3-9,11/3-31
Knotty, The (NSR/Ecclesbourn R) 1979-2001 37 copies nos 19-57 with gaps
Llanuwchllyn Express (Bala Lake) 1976-80, 2001-2: nos 1-9,16-18, 92-4/9
Railway Philately (4/y) 15 copies from 2010-2014
Relay (Wensleydale RP) 1994-2010 nos 10-30, 43-50 with gaps
Southern Pacific (UK Pres) 1994-2007 nos 1-12/15-21
Spa Valley Starter (TWERPS) 1996-8 nos 1,3-5
Western Courier 2001-3 D1014/7-21
World Steam (Duplicated mag) 1987-8, 1992-3 most issues for these years

We will then confirm when/where they will be available for you to collect.
We will ONLY bring those which are ordered.

Best wishes

Peter King (Caretaker Society Librarian)
Terry Silcock (Watford Branch Librarian)