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Re: Northern Counties Transport Society

Postby wmthos » Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:29 pm

I've just received a pm from Peter Hall rethis thread, but can't reply until I've posted the required number of posts! Hopefully this will count towards that number!

I joined the committee without a post, but was required to walk at the rear of the party on tours to hurry them along, particularly photographers who took more time than number crunchers, as the tours had so many visits that we were always pushed for time. I became membership secretary after a lad named Ian, though I can't recall his surname. I was on the tour when we deviated in Sheffield to drop Derek at the hospital. They diagnosed that he was sufferring from exhaustion, not been to bed since Friday morning. It was only the next day after returning home that he was taken to hospital and diagnosed with meningitis. He may well have been membership secretary after me, but he wasn't an official during my time as member.

I do have all my notebooks from that period of time, with lists of many thousands of numbers on hundreds of depots and a small number of poor quality photos taken a very cheap camera.

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Re: Northern Counties Transport Society

Postby Peter Hall » Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:35 pm

Welcome to the RCTS Bill. You will find a few Northern Counties Transport Society (NCTS) refuges within its ranks including one current and one former Branch Chairman. I have also sent you a PM, if not received could you email me at dilemmas@rcts.org.uk

Good progress is now being made with locating NCTS magazines with no more than four, but probably only two, not traced and scanned. These date from 1975/1976 when numbering of magazines went a bit array. The most recent traced is 42 from September 1981 which may or may not have been the last produced. Any help in locating the missing magazines would be very much welcomed.

I am now In regular contact with John Wade whose recollections and reminiscences have been invaluable as has been his 'The Ice Cream Kids' box.

The confusion of which societies came together to form the NCTS has now been resolved. The Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts merged with the Salford Railfans at the end of 1967, the combined society changing its name to Buckley Wells Transport Enthusiasts. This was to acknowledge that trips were also organised for trolley and motor bus enthusiasts as well as railway enthusiasts. Generally though the society was still referred to as the Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts by most members. In October 1969 the society merged with East Cheshire Railway Enthusiasts, the combined society being named Northern Counties Transport Society.

If you were a member of any of the societies and have not yet made contact please do so. You probably have some very important recollections.
Peter Hall
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Re: Northern Counties Transport Society

Postby robert cowsill » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:29 pm

Hello Peter, I was a member of BWREfrom 1964 to 1967 and went on many coach trips in 1964 I had arranged to go to Crewe with a fellow spotter who never turned I was only 14 at the time and ended up on Manchester Victoria station where I was approached and asked if I was local I said I was and he asked if I was interested in joining what was BWRE the date was 29-8-1964 the person in question was a David Felton who founded BWRE, After a chat I managed to talk him into going to Crewe where we managed to get round both sheds ,, Ijoined the BWRE and the first trip was an overnight to London i didn't know at the time but that may have been the first one they ran, i went on many tours throughout 1965/66/67 my last one was on April 15 1967 the reason being steam had all but finished, i found BWRE a very friendly club and really enjoyed the visits. D. Felton organised a reunion at the Unicorn pub in Manchester city centre i think it was 1984 or 85 at the time i wondered who all the other enthusiast's were and they would have been from the Salford club and NCTS, I also went on a tour with Salford club to Frodingham and Immingham but didn't take to it the same as BWRE. Unfortunately i havn't got any correspondence from those days but i can remember a lot of the tours and the dates and can give you list if you're interested, i don't know what became of David Felton after the reunion, i hope this fills a few gaps for you. All the best Robert Cowsill.
robert cowsill
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Re: Buckley Wells Transport/Railway Enthusiasts

Postby Peter Hall » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:19 pm

Thanks Robert for your post.

Too long to post on here and not in a format that I can transfer the text, but I have available a nine page history of the Buckley Wells Transport/Railway Enthusiasts (BWRE) compiled by none other than Dave Felton. If anyone reading this post would like a copy, then either PM or email me using dilemmas@rcts.org.uk with an email address. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, attachments can not be added to PM messages so it has to be another Email address.

Dave Felton has also compiled a list of BWRE trips which I also have available. However, this is not complete as some early magazines are missing. Robert, if you can fill any of the gaps that would be extremely useful as you were clearly a very early member as the first trips on the list and mentioned in the history were in September 1964.

Actually BWRE and Salford Railfans are well before my Northern Counties Transport Society (NCTS) involvement, the history of which I am currently focused on compiling, however any information about the earlier societies is greatly appreciated. Several of those who have made contact were also BWRE members as well being NCTS members and are very interested to learn more about the early days.
Peter Hall
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Former NCTS & BWRE refuges now in the RCTS

Postby Peter Hall » Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:16 am

If any former Northern Counties Transport Society or Buckley Wells Railway/Transport Enthusiasts are attending the RCTS AGM on Saturday it would be good to have a quick chat.

If all goes to plan I should have my little table set up promoting the bits I manage on the website (ECML Drags & Class 90's, Diesel Dilemmas, Preserved Coaching Stock, Carriage Conundrums) and will be wearing a NCTS badge. A key Buckley Wells and early NCTS days member is also hoping to be present. Thus, even if you were not a mid/late 1970's member like I was then you will be able to reminisce about your misspent youth.

I will have a few bits of BWRT/NCTS stuff with me.
Peter Hall
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