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Postby Peter Hall » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:23 pm

In the two and a half years or so since this Topic has been on going I have actually made a lot of progress with this project. This though would not have been possible without the help of others, some of whom have posted in this topic. This help has been very much appreciated.

Dave Felton who founded BWRE has actually written quite a comprehensive history of that Society including details of the amalgamation that created the NCTS in 1970. I myself have now been able to compile similar for the NCTS although a few grey areas still exist where clarifications and additional information is still sought. Lists exist of trips run by both BWRE and NCTS and for the later some lists of locations visited and locomotives seen now exist electronically but we would like to have a few more.

The majority of BWRE and NCTS magazines have been scanned but a few editions have so far eluded us. Similarly the majority of booklets produced from 1972 onwards have been scanned but again not all have been traced. Earlier publications under the Viva Transport Publications and BWRE names are proving much harder to locate.

If you were a NCTS member and have not already made contact, please do so as you just might have recollections or something squirrelled away that would help enhance what has already been achieved.
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