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Northern Counties Transport Society

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:40 pm
by Peter Hall
Page 41 of the January 2004 RO contained a letter from a gentleman asking if former members of the 'Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts (BWRE)', 'East Cheshire Railfans (CRE)' and 'Northern Counties Transport Society (NCTS)' could get in touch. These three Societies existed from the mid 1960's until the early 1980's, the first two merging to form the latter c1969 and were predominantly involved with shed bashing.

I had been a member of NCTS from the mid 1970's and sometime after the letter appeared made contact with the gentleman and exchanged emails. We were actually members at different times and knew little about each others eras. Recently I received a very interesting letter from a former NCTS members who was an active members of BWRE/NCTS from the mid 1960's until 1972. The same era as the gentleman who wrote the original letter. Between their era and mine a lot appears to have changed and it would be very interesting to know if anyone has recollections from the 1972-1975 period in particular to make sense of how the changes came about. Recollections from other eras of CRE/BWRE/NCTS would also be of great interest.

One thing we are all lacking is Society publications from that era especially magazines but also the various duplicating lists that were produced. It would be very interesting to know if anyone still has these or knows or an archive of them.

We are aware of certain 'sensitivities' but please do not let that stop you making contact.

Re: Northern Counties Transport Society

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:53 pm
My name is Peter Trotter.I was a member from 1976 until 1981 when i left to rejoin the Royal Marines.For brief while I took the Membership Secretary job from John Wade.John is the only former member that I am in Touch with.The other members that I can remember are Mark Greenwood(nick name Prof) from the Town of Todmordon,Stephen or Steven Roberts again From Todmordon,Chris Carpenter who hailed from the town of Stockport in Greater Manchester,Martin Stewart(who sadly Passed away a few years ago) from the Town of Hayfield near me in Derbyshire Alan Fawcett named him Headbanger and Dave Walby who was a friend of Alans from Padiham.If there are any other Members out there and there must be I cannot find them.I have posted on Friends reunited and RM Web as well as on You Tube.It is now 35 years since I left all those Friends,that is along time and people might be hesitant to get in touch but I would apreciate any help that can be offered.Regards Peter Trotter.

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Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:13 pm
Here are some more names from my time with the NCTS.Mike Rogers from the Manchester District of Northenden,A gentleman Called Andy smith who I briefly had contact with through Friends Reunited but this site has closed down,2 Brothers from Preston who I think were called Howells,Nicholas Clarke(Nick Name Cag) who Martin Stewart tried to strangle on a Grand Scottish Trip for ripping up his Jeans in 1981 and not forgetting Gerald Day from Burnley who used to supply our Coaches.These are all the names from what for me were Glory years that i can Remember.If any one else can come up with some more names and jog my memory then I would be great full.I can still remember missing 26039 my second to last loco when we were late getting up to Scotland as it had already left for either Wick or Thurso.Regards Peter Trotter.

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Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:21 pm
by Peter Hall
Message for Peter Trotter.

I sent you an email and pm a few days after your original posting. Can you confirm these were received.


Re: Northern Counties Transport Society

Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 12:19 pm
by Peter Hall
Further message for Peter Trotter.

Have received an email from you and replied. It appears some problems with your emails and .com / I have today emailed all four possibilities so hopefully one option will work. If you do not receive any please email again.


Northern Counties Transport Society constiuents

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:57 am
by Peter Hall
Had very interesting chats with a couple of former Northern Counties Transport Society (NCTS) members this week. Both were active at the time of the Buckley Wells merger and the creation of NCTS. Clearly though much confusion about the actual names of the societies that came together. All are agreed that it was Buckley Wells Railway Enthusiasts (BWRE) and another but was that other Salford Locomotive Society (SLS) or Cheshire Railway Enthusiasts (CRE). It seems probable another merger took place at around the same time possibly the CRE merged with BWRE and then BWRE merged with SLS to form NCTS. If anyone can shed any more light on this please get in touch. Also, as SLS have come into the equation were you a member of that society and can recall anything from those times.

Similarly confusion about exactly what happened in early 1976 when the South Yorkshire Railway Society (SYRS) was started partly by disillusioned Sheffield area NCTS members. This clearly only lasted a few months before being absorbed into the Chesterfield based Little Midland Railway Society (LMRS) who appear to have supported its creation in the first place. Anyone who can shed more light on that is encouraged to make contact. We have copies of the LMRS magazine 'THE MIDLANDER' issues 2 and 3 from that era but it is clearly number 1 that tells the story. It was also the first to publish the later Roger Richards famous article '"What is a trainspotter?" The LMRS is of course still going strong and celebrates its fiftieth anniversary next year although its roots go back further than that.

Those who have been following this thread will be pleased to know that I have established email contact with Peter Trotter.

Re: Northern Counties Transport Society

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:21 pm
by Ian Prince
Maybe this will jog a few memories? A depot and shunter directory similar to the many renumbering lists they used to produce.



Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:12 am
by Peter Hall
Indeed the scan of a copy of 'WHERE THE !*!*! ARE THEY' does jog a few memories and not surprisingly has connections with other topical deliberations.

The book was of course the NCTS rival to the ICRS 'Shunter Duties' book which first appeared in 1973. The NCTS book probably first appeared in 1974 during an era when the NCTS was a prolific publisher of duplicated spotter booklets. Copies of these are very hard to come by and anyone with copies is encouraged to get in touch.

It would appear that the NCTS had the covers professionally produced in large quantities and then used them for several editions but over printed using a duplicator so as to identify the edition. I have two different editions of 'WHERE THE !*!*!' ARE THEY' with the 2164 at Stratford? cover. One has no price on it whilst the other is PRICE 20p. Interestingly the scan submitted by Ian has the PRICE 20p to the right so is obviously a further different edition. No idea how many different editions were produced. Has anyone any other cover variant?

The Society Library has an almost complete collection of 'Shunter Duties' books either as originals or copies thanks to the efforts of Terry Silcock and others a few years ago. The library and I also are short of a copy of the second edition published in 1974. Like the first it has 4144 on the cover but is believed to be A5 size rather than Quarto.. If any one has a spare copy or a scan please get in touch.

In deliberations about the 'Shunter Duties' books with Terry we didn't discuss whether the Library held copies of 'WHERE THE !*!*!' ARE THEY' but ideally it should have all editions as originals or copies. Hopefully something that can be achieved at Leatherhead.


Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:28 pm
by Peter Hall
Ian, would it be possible to produce a pdf copy of this edition of WHERE THE !*!*! ARE THEY in order that it can, by comparison with editions I have, fits into the time line.


Re: Northern Counties Transport Society

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:49 pm
by wmthos
I have just joined the RCTS. I was membership secretary of the Northern Counties for two or three years in the mid 1970s. I did keep all my old society publications but most got destroyed a couple of years ago. I think I may have a few in my office/spare bedroom/general dumping ground! I'll have a search for some in the next week or two.

I met up with Alan Forshaw a few years ago on Knottingley station, though neither of us recognised the other. It was only after a while talking that we realised. Alan had the gift of the gab and could charm a coach party into almost any depot, with or without permits.

The publictions were produced in Harry Howells' dining room and we spent many evenings walking around his table collating the earlier booklets. I can remember most of the committee members, though some only by first names. I don't remember Peter by name. I'm Bill Whittaker and I always wore what Peter the coach driver called a road sweepers jacket, a black motorcycle jacket with hi-vis orange sleeves.

I suggest a chat with John Wade of the Heritage Shunters Trust as he was heavily involved in making the NCTS booklets such as "Where the **!!# are they". He was trying to gather reminiscences from ex-society members to put something on the HST website.