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Post by RichardCoulthurst » Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:30 pm

RCTS members might find this clip from the BFI archive of interest as it includes a short sequence of a miners' train arriving at a station which it implies is Aberaman. ... aman-1910/
However, it has been pointed out to me that it cannot be Aberaman,which was on the Taff Vale Railway, as the locomotive is a Great Western type. It also appears to be on a single line and it has been suggested that it might be Black Lion Crossing with the miners (clearly not on strike) arriving at the end of their shift from a colliery at Cwmaman.
The number of the loco seems to be 1824. Does anyone know where this was shedded in 1910? Was the film company using "stock footage" not directly related to the strike meeting to fill out the item? Can anyone provide a positive identification for the station? Any thoughts would be welcome.

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