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Postby mikegayton » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:39 pm

The Thames Trumper
On Saturday 27th January 2018 I joined the “Thames Trumper” with Bob and Ken at Paddington for an on time 8.06 departure behind 59204 with 66122 tailing and the on time stayed with us more or less all day.
The first target was the Colnbrook branch which appears to be busy again with aggregate traffic. We did not get to the fuel depot which is presumably not in use, but time on the branch was used well by approaching the limit with two intermediate stops, so that we were not just stopped at a single terminal view.
On returning to West Drayton we continued on up the main line to Southall and onto the Brentford Branch at the beginning of which a parked 66103 on a train of rubbish containers was observed. Not much to be seen at Brentford, but apparently the branch is quite busy.
Next on to Reading where the Night Riviera stock was parked with 57602 Restormel Castle and 57603 Tintagel Castle, although 57306 was also in the area. Presumably this is a result of all the work being carried out at Old Oak Common.
Then on via the Didcot avoider to Appleford, which has lost the flyash traffic from Didcot Power Station, the locally dug materials and the rubbish to fill the pits, but does get stone in for local distribution. There were also many cement tanker containers, so perhaps there is some traffic with these. Does anyone know?
Next back to Didcot and slightly west to a fair way along Milton Siding, which is between the main line and the Power Station. The line led to a distribution warehouse which I am not sure if it ever saw much use. A reversal here an on to Hinksey Yard to reverse and on through Kennington Junction to the Cowley Branch.
The last time here the train stood outside the BMW gate but this time we carried on in stages (as at Colnbrook) through the factory yard, coming to a final halt near the end of the line. Obviously as well as the interesting buildings there were minis all around, many already stowed in their double deck trains for transport out.
We then reversed and made for Oxford Parkway, Bicester South Junction, Princes Risborough (where there were many items of Chinnor stock), Greenford, West Ealing and Paddington.
An excellent day out.
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Re: Railtour Report

Postby pdeaves » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:46 pm

mikegayton wrote:Presumably this is a result of all the work being carried out at Old Oak Common.

It's not so much 'work' at Old Oak Common. The depot is being decommissioned ready to demolish it. The London end sleeper work is permanently at Reading now, but not the heaviest work. That is permanently at Penzance (Cornwall council and others paid to upgrade the depot).
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Re: Railtour Report

Postby Ian Prince » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:57 am

Presume this was the UK Railtours trip?

Think Appleford still has a couple of 'run as required' listed as class 59 jobs from Whatley? There may be flyash from elsewhere too.
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Re: Railtour Report

Postby mikegayton » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:47 am

Good to see the updates, thank you both.
One thing that I seem to have got wrong is my remark on the fuel terminal at Colnbrook which is shown as disused on some maps, but from photographs it appears that there is a regular service from Lindsey
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