Shakespeare Cliff

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Shakespeare Cliff

Post by mikegayton » Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:54 pm

Shakespeare Cliff
Yesterday (Tuesday 21st June) went to Dover to see what was happening at Shakespeare Cliff. I was with friends who knew their way about in the area, which was good as although there is a narrow tarmac path the whole way along above the site to the top of the cliff, in places quite steep, it is more like getting through the jungle on some stretches.
However, when you come to an area where there is a view, you are rewarded by a complete panorama of what is going on with piling, excavation and concreting/grouting operations using a constant flow of truckmixers. At the moment the original sea wall seems to survive, and is somehow braced or tied by rails going back towards the cliff. Photography is fairly easy.
There was a top and tailed spoil removal train, one of the locos being 66951.
The emergency Norwegian rock protection was clearly discernible, and presumably more will be added.
There are many cast in situ concrete piles, and what appears to be concrete slab for the track stretching a short way out from the tunnel mouth.
Certainly much remaining to be done, and will be of interest to see.
The only thing of special note on the journey was the Paddock Wood based Robel Track Maintenance unit parked at Sittingbourne.

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