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Re: Size of the RO

Post by MIKER » Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:52 pm

You need have no fear as regards the size of the RO, an idea which I and the Editorial team, promoted to both improve our basic product offer and help safeguard the longer term future of the Society.
However despite only 12.5% of responses to the recent RO and branch polls being Against the proposal, a split vote at todays MC resulted in the casting vote going for Against, and the proposal was abandoned.
Thus the idea of change to a larger format is now defunct and you will continue to receive your traditional A5 size RO from January onwards for the foreseeable future.


Mike R

Peter Hall
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Re: Size of the RO

Post by Peter Hall » Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:16 pm

Mike. thanks for your clarification of the current position regarding the RO size. My membership renewal will be sorted in the coming hours.

Personally I had no preference either way. Interesting to see though that we have a brexit type result in that the elected representatives are out of tune with those they represent based on the poll results. Personally I would have preferred a vote by the membership as a whole at the AGM where sample copies of the proposed size / format could have been displayed and considered. Clearly you were keen to change and will be disappointed that the proposal has been so quickly squashed. As others have said the longer term future of the Society needs us to adapt to a changing hobby.

With the RO generally you made some interesting comments in your report to the Grange-over Sands conference about "often patchy geographical reporting ........ despite branches and members in all parts of the country" and National Network reports rarely received from some quite significant parts of the country. Going on to say that " Reports for the Southern are almost entirely the work of our local editor's personal trawl through internet, as are those from Scotland" and wondering if a railway still existed east of Swindon!

When I was an editorial representative in the early 1980's I would suggest the opposite was true. Might it actually be that with so much current information being available elsewhere coverage can be much sparser just concentrating less on daily detail and more on overviews and significant developments. I would also suggest the RO should be about what members contribute rather than am internet trawl and if members don't contribute then don't cover that area. In the light of this, yesterdays decision and other constraints a move to a larger print size with less content is the way forward while retaining the current A5 size RO.

I don't plan to bang on - yet again - about the need for more volunteers or the often desperate need for feature articles - these are I am afraid constants in the Editor?s life and I have learned to live with them but I trust you will continue to remind your local members of the need to support the RO if we are to avoid either publishing a blank page in the RO, or indeed not having sufficient members of the Editorial team to continue delivering on a monthly basis.

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Re: Size of the RO

Post by Train Spotter » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:14 pm


Many thanks for your clarification... But I understand that the size of the RO will change with the January 2018 RO is there any truth in the rumour??????

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Re: Size of the RO

Post by Ian Prince » Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:53 pm

Train Spotter wrote:Miker

Many thanks for your clarification... But I understand that the size of the RO will change with the January 2018 RO is there any truth in the rumour??????
Do you know something different or is it just false Chinese Whispers? Maybe you should contact Mike R directly for further assurance? It would flow contrary to the above statement from Mike and the voting as detailed above.

Ok, things never stand still, and further attempts may be possible in the future (through 2017 or later to gain membership support, which may change things), but if it does change, my longstanding membership will reach the end of the line, as I have said before, I do not favour the size change for practical reasons and I don't think all the cost implications have been properly explained or researched.

I am not alone in my thinking, so a larger magazine could equal smaller membership?

Is that desirable?

It may even increase some costs with a lesser scaling and volume. Editors trawling the net for secondhand information which may or may not be accurate is certainly not desirable, and should not be pursued, as the accusation of 'copyright theft' could even be raised. We all know that mapping agencies have for years incorporated false symbols or features to prove copyright and have been successful in prosecutions in many cases by being able to prove they own the intellectual rights.

These days with a lot of the internet information largely freely available, the RCTS is not in a strong position and should listen. Some 'paid for' quality railway 'information sites' these days are far more valuable than the R.O. for up to date information. A concentration on obtaining and disseminating information that cannot be obtained via 'net resources should be a primary objective, as a valuable repository of research for the future is something that the 'instant' internet rarely competes with.

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Re: Size of the RO

Post by Peter Hall » Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:47 am

Suspect 'Trainspotter' knows something but is being rather candid on detail deliberately, certainly keeps his ear to the ground and has many trusted sources. Hopefully a member of the MC might like to comment.

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Re: Size of the RO

Post by Peter Hall » Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:27 pm

I always renew my membership annually, not tempted by discounts for longer, you never know what direction the Society might take. I do intend renewing for 2018 though. Oh I wish he wouldn't I hear some of you cry!! I am though faced with a dilemma. While ever the RO is available in printed form at the current size I will remain on printed membership. If its size changes I will immediately switch to digital. Thus, I need to know for sure what size the January printed RO is going to be. I presume it is to remain at the present size but I am a bit behind with where the debate over the change of size has got too. Can someone in the know confirm the size of the RO for 2018?

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Re: Size of the RO

Post by windsor_lad » Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:19 pm

There will be no change to the size of the RO in 2018.
There will be no change to the size of the RO unless a majority of the membership approve of the larger format.

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