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Post by windsor_lad » Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:25 pm

Since I have been a member of the RCTS, the London Branch is the only one I recall having been closed down. This was because it was too large and the smaller branches being established around the periphery were doing a good job in attracting new members.

Can any contributors help with assembling a list of other closed RCTS branches, did they close due to lack of support?

Ian Prince
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Post by Ian Prince » Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:11 pm

A quick look in an August 1979 R.O. lists a Stoke on Trent Branch which doesn't appear in the current magazine or web list. I presume this branch has disappeared?

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Post by MaxB » Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:35 pm

The Stoke Branch was refounded in 1976 or thereabouts with David Moore, who passed away last July, as Secretary. It ran for about eight or ten years, but eventually there were not enough people prepared to take on committee roles, and it folded again. There was a Stoke Branch a good many years ago, of which former RCTS President Bill Stubbs was at one time Secretary, but I'm not sure when that came to an end.

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Post by prentonmember » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:02 pm

This is very intereresting as branches come and go as well as change their titles.

In 1959 there was still a Lincolnshire Branch and for a few years after that I remember the former Sussex & Kent Branch.

Branch titles change and membership can switch to other branches in the process.

The Merseyside Chester & North Wales Branch was until the mid 1980s just the Merseyside Branch and the newly formed Cheltenham Branch in 1964 was given Brstol Branch members residing in North Gloucestershire (thereby gaining 50+ members making it eligible then to become a branch) and then added those West Midlands members resident in most of Worcestershire & Herefordshire.

Max refers to the Stoke Branch and whilst in existence those members in the Crewe surrounding areas switched from Merseyside to Stoke. When Stoke ceased those members switched back to Merseyside Chester & North Wales.

The London Branch as it was had at one stage around 1300 members with the late Jack Faithful as its effective Branch Secretary.

With the Society's foundation in Cheltenham in 1928 there may well have been some local meetings but with the switch of 'HQ' to London under the late Derek Barrie in the early 1930's Cheltenham area members then seemed to support West Midland activities. In the 1950s many RCTS members living in the Cheltenham/Gloucester areas belonged to the Gloucestershire Railway Society so having a chance to attend local railway meetings.

The relatively recent series of branch profiles in the RO are certainly worth referring to as much history is there to be gleaned.

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