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East Kent Railway

PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:28 pm
by mikegayton
East Kent Railway
On Saturday 22nd July Bob and I met at Rochester Station and started the day out with a coffee and croissant sitting at a table as unlike the old station there is a refreshment facility.
On the journey to Shepherds Well the disconnected track towards the dockyard at Gillingham was noted still in situ.
The EKR train motive power from Shepherdswell (had not picked up on the subtle difference before) was EWS liveried 08676 DAVE 2 pushing. We travelled in the leading vehicle S111873 of unit 3142 which is in good condition, and presumably very much the same as it was when built, and what comfort compared with modern seating!
At Eythorne the continuing track northwards which was sometimes traversed on special events days is no longer in use. We had intended to travel back on the same train but as the station had been altered we decided to stay for lunch. There are now three vehicles in the bay. One a museum which is at yet not fully equipped, another a really nice conversion to a toilet facility and the third a GUV strengthened for elephants. Apart from one end having a food preparation area and the presence of tables and chairs the only embellishments of any sort are interesting photos of the railway.
We thought it a brilliant simple concept, you really know you are in a GUV. This was enhanced even further by a superb all day breakfast!
So back to Shepherdswell, where we noted:
the other 08s 08605 and 08799, also 9, a continental version.
ST DUNSTAN was of course present.
01543 and 01546 DLO (Defence Logistics Organisation) Thomas Hill 4wDHs
Both miniature railways were working, and the model railway in its coach.
Back at Shepherds Well Station there was a buffer stop (made of old rails like much on the South Eastern), that we did not remember, behind the up platform at the east end. It looked as if the area had recently been tidied up, so perhaps it had been hidden in the undergrowth on previous visits.
At Rainham, because we were towards the front of the train, we observed the amount of buddleia along the platform 0 track and were thinking that it was not in use, but as we departed it was seen that the track was shiny.
Another excellent day out on a railway with friendly and informative staff.