2018 AGM Coventry

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Peter Hall
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2018 AGM Coventry

Post by Peter Hall » Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:54 am

No thread yet for this so I thought I might start one!

An interesting build up to the main event this year which will hopefully be well attended. It does give members a chance to harass Society officials as well as seeing top entertainment and devouring a lavish banquet.

I expect to be present again this year, hopefully though that will not put you off attending.

Although not an official, I am involved with the website so feel I should be present, if possible, should any of my valued contributors like a chat or a moan! The Chairman has granted permission for me to do as in the previous three years and set up in a corner, a display and a few bits from the website and hold court their. Unfortunately I do not have a laptop, but if anyone attending has one available that could be set up to show the website off that would be appreciated.

I am also hoping, that subject to top table commitments, the Society Webmaster will be also be in the vicinity if you have a complicated techy question.

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