ARMISTICE 100 1918 - 2018

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ARMISTICE 100 1918 - 2018

Postby Train Spotter » Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:40 am

ARMISTICE 100 1918--- 2018

It was 100 years ago on 11th November 1918 that Armistice day treaty was signed to bring to an end the fighting on land, sea,& air of World War 1....

To all the Railway personal from all the Railway companies of the day who thought for there country & freedoms during WORLD WAR 1 we must never forget

To all the Railway personal from the big 4 railway companies who thought for there Freedom & country during WORLD WAR 2 we must never forget

To all other personal from other forms of public transport who thought & gave there life's during WORLD WARS 1 & 2 we must never forget

To all Great Grand Parents & Great Great Grand Parents who fought & never returned we must never forget


ARMISTICE 100 1918----2018

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