Woodville Road Halt (Cardiff)

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Woodville Road Halt (Cardiff)

Post by RichardCoulthurst » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:15 am

Woodville Road Halt
This halt was served by a shuttle service from Cardiff Docks (later Bute Road and now Cardiff Bay) to Maindy Halt. It only had a platform in the northbound direction so anyone wanting to go to Cardiff would have to travel via Maindy. Normally trains terminated at Maindy before returning to Cardiff (Queen Street) and Cardiff Docks. A few trains did go beyond Maindy to either Radyr or Taffs Well and sometimes a train terminated at Woodville Road before returning to Cardiff.

According to Quick’s Chronology Woodville Road Halt opened to the public in July 1904 (although oddly the same source says that Maindy Halt did not appear in Bradshaw till May 1907). The halt closed to public services on 15th September 1958.

However, according to the Railway & Canal Historical Society’s Railway Chronology Special Interest Group Newsletter 99 (July 2019) it continued to be used for unadvertised calls by night-time Running & Maintenance (motive power) department workers' trains until they finally appeared in the 12th June 1961 WTT. The calls had gone from the next (11th September 1961) issue.

Woodville Road and Maindy halts were situated on the TVR’s main line to the south and north respectively of the Cathays locomotive sheds and carriage and wagon works. Was the original intention of these halts to serve the TVR facilities at Cathays and did an unadvertised service for railway staff commence before the trains were put into the public timetable? Perhaps the TVR realised that there was a traffic potential from commuters travelling into the city centre or docks area from the growing suburbs of Cardiff.

Does anyone have any further information or comments on this interesting service.

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Re: Woodville Road Halt (Cardiff)

Post by Borisbur » Wed Nov 27, 2019 2:58 pm

Do you think this service is going to catch on with the public?

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