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Early Christmas Present from the RO Team . -

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 2:08 pm
by roeditor
Early Christmas Present from the RO Team . -

The January 2020 edition of the RO is now on-line. I hope that the printed RO will be despatched in approx 10 days so should be with you before Christmas - subject of course to postal effectiveness.

Just to re-iterate that, provided they are registered as MEMBERS on the RCTS website ALL members of the RCTS have automatic unrestricted access to the digital version of the current RO, as well as the digital archive which holds copies of all RO's published since 2013,
This ensures that even when we are not experiencing postal delivery difficulties - which are unpredictable - you can access the most recent digital RO a minimum of two weeks before the printed version arrives on your doorstep.

Finally, having now been Managing Editor for some eight and half years and on behalf of the two dozen or so other members of the Editorial Team, can I thank the many members who take the trouble to contact us with generally appreciative comments about the RO, as well as all of you who take the trouble to regale us with the observations, reports, articles and images which irrespective of what we the Editorial Team are able to achieve, remain the essential lifeblood of the RO.

Best wishes to each of you for Christmas and the New Year.


Mike Robinson