Four New Stations proposed for Wales

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Four New Stations proposed for Wales

Post by RichardCoulthurst » Fri Jun 05, 2020 2:05 pm

Four new railway stations could open in Wales by 2024 if the UK government agrees to a request by the Welsh Transport Minister, Ken Skates.

All of equal priority, the stations would be:
Deeside Parkway, on the Borderlands Line in North Wales
Carno, on the Cambrian Mainline in Mid Wales
St Clears on the Great Western Mainline in West Wales
Ely Mill on the City Line in Cardiff, in South Wales

Mr. Skates said they would improve rail connectivity and "supercharge" post Covid-19 recovery.

The UK government said the bids would be independently assessed so the most beneficial were funded.

In a letter to UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, Mr Skates called on him to invest in the Wales and Borders rail network through the UK government's ‘Restoring Your Railways’ fund.

The Deeside Parkway and Ely Mill stations will be key components of their respective Metro developments with major contributions to improved urban connectivity, employment/economic growth and reduced car use. The new stations in Carno and St Clears would support strong employment and sustainable economic growth through improved regional connectivity. They share extensive support within rural communities with limited public transport opportunities, who have historically been overlooked, particularly since the closure of previous stations in these communities and of Laura Ashley’s famous factory in Carno.

The Transport Minister also invited the Transport Secretary to discuss further priorities for rail investment, including new stations at Greenfield and Magor. He put forward suggestions for the New Ideas Fund, such as the restoration of passenger services on the line between Gaerwen and Amlwch on Anglesey and an expressed interest in using the Accelerating Existing Proposals fund to restore the line and services to Abertillery in South Wales. He also took the opportunity to reiterate the case strongly for plans which included the Aberystwyth – Carmarthen and Bangor – Caernarfon re-openings.

Due to the large number of expected bids and the relatively small funding pot, it is very unlikely that all four station projects will get backing. However, Wales has secured backing from the previous two new station funds, for Bow Street Station in Ceredigion and Pye Corner in Newport.

The ‘Restoring Your Railways’ fund will finance up to 75% of the capital cost of new or previously closed stations. However, the Welsh Government is seeking funding for the four projects in full, with backing outside of the new station fund to address under investment in rail infrastructure in Wales.

The winning station bids will be revealed autumn, with them opening to passengers in March, 2024.

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