Eastbourne Electricity and gas works Crumbles line

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Eastbourne Electricity and gas works Crumbles line

Post by bobcookson58 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 12:08 pm

i have heard of a cine film taken in the 60s showing shunting on this line also known as the Ballast hole , Crumbles or Down siding . this video was on the net about 3years ago but now has disappeared. i believe it was put on by a railway society that wasnt local to Eastbourne . Over about 30 years I have been collecting photos of the line having had the privilege to delve into Sid Nash and John Smiths collections and getting them to print stuff they thought was sub standard! I am always looking for new ones and would love to trace a copy of that movie if anyone can help ?
many thanks
Bob Cookson

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