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Sharpness Junction

Post by RichardCoulthurst » Sat Jun 05, 2021 7:41 pm

I have a small Great Western Railway parcel label from "SHARPNESS JCT". There was, of course, "Sharpness" on the Severn & Wye Joint Railway (a joint GWR & Midland line) but I have never heard it referred to a "Sharpness Junction". I can't trace a 'Sharpness Junction' on RCH maps, in the Handbook of Stations, Clinker, Quick, or in Cobb's atlas. The latter does show a 'South Junction' at Sharpness but no station which would handle parcels.

I have thought about locations across the Severn Railway Bridge in and around Lydney but again can't come up with a station or location called "Sharpness Junction".

Any ideas?

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