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Britain's railways are operated and monitored by Government appointed organisations and private companies. On this page we show links to many of the organisations involved which we hope you will find of interest. When significant reports are published for major events or future policy documents we aim to provide a direct link to them. Whereas the links listed below are intended cover most of the organisations involved with the U.K.'s railways it is not intended to be inclusive.

The information given in these pages is given in good faith but the accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link - An Introduction
This page from the Department for Transport presents an excellent overview of the route from the Channel tunnel through to the future new terminus at St Pancras. Reasons for the chosen route are given. Separate section outline the route from the Channel Tunnel to Fawkham Junction. from Southfleet Junction to St Pancras. Onward travel from St Pancras to other mainline destinations is reviewed.

Recent Notifications

Recent press releases relating to railway matters have been issued and the links below connect to the relevant pages available on the web that you may find of interest.

Network Rail's Business Plan 2007.
The business plan to be viewed from the pages is an executive overview of Network Rails detailed plans for the coming year. Route plans are available for more detailed study.

Railway Forum - Sustainable Development
Sustainable development can be seen as development that encompasses three fundemental components namely the economy, society and the environment. View here the railway industry's work on these matters.


The British Railways Board
Duties of the British Railways Board are outlined which include responsibilities for the British Transport Police who become involved in railway incidents.

Commission for Integrated Transport
The role of the CfIT is to provide the Government (U.K.) with independent advice on the implementation of integrated transport policy, to monitor developments across transport, environment, health and other sectors. This site displays reports and analyses of many aspects of transport including a review of a proposed U.K. high speed north-south rail route. Comparisons between transport systems are made.

Two new railway routes are proposed across London to provide vital links for people and businesses in the S.E. of the U.K.. Crossrail Line 1,the East-West route aims to run through Hayes, Paddington, Tottenham Ct. Rd. and Stratford. Crossrail Line 2, the South West-North East route, plans to run through Clapham Junction, Tottenham Ct. Rd and Dalston. Information about the project, the need, press releases and much more are presented.

Department for Transport-Railways. (U.K.)
A comprehensive presentation of aims, statistics, proposals, consultation papers and other matters covered by the Department of Transport with respect to railways is available. The site shows the Department's endeavours to increase passenger numbers with a growth in freight traffic combined with a high quality service with enhanced safety.

European Railway Agency
The Agency aims to provide Member States and the European Commission with technical assistance with railway safety and interoperability. The E.U. Commission has adopted legislation to facilitate an integrated European railway area. Much information has been collated relevant to the member countries and this is available from this site.

Health & Safety Executive
This site explains the role of the H.S.E. with respect to railways. Available are reports on recent major rail accidents and safety related incidents. The site covers a wide range of topics including carrying out assessments of safety cases, inspections and audits, providing guidance and support together with useful rail information. (See also the site for the Railway Accident Investigation Board who will investigate future railway incidents).

The ITSO organisation was formed to build and maintain a specification for smartcard ticketing. (Smartcards provide a technique for contactless ticketing for transport systems and other uses). The membership of ITSO is broadly based and includes PTEs, Local Authorities, Passenger Transport Operators and suppliers of equipment, systems and services.

National Rail
(Includes the National Rail Timetable)

For train times, to plan your journey, service alterations, places to visit, live departure boards, news magazines, special offers then visiting this site is well worth while. There is a special section for forthcoming events for young and old alike. The site is provided on behalf of all train operating companies (ATOC).

Click here to read ATOC's important safety notice for rail enthusiasts.

Network Rail
The Network Rail site presents much useful information about many aspects of the national rail network. News and press releases are shown relevant to current events. Links available to other industry partners include freight and passenger companies together with Government agencies.

The Office of the Rail Regulator
The functions and duties of the Office of the Rail Regulator are presented. Press releases and publications available are listed together with the people involved in its operation.

Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB)
The RAIB was established by the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003. The role of the RAIB is to be the independent railway accident investigation body for the United Kingdom.

Rail Safety & Standards Board
The R. S.& S. B. role is to provide leadership in the development of the long term safety strategy and policy for the U.K. railway industry. Through this site is presented the organisation's structure, safety focus areas, research and development together with news and views.

The Railway Forum
The Railway Forum is the voice and lobby group for the whole of the railway industry and represents the majority of the industry. Included within the group are TOCs, ROSCOs, infrastructure providers, equipment and service suppliers together with PTEs. Available for perusal are details of press releases, publications, events and more.


Below are links to pages on web sites with specific data which we hope you will find convenient to use

U.K. Rail Maps
this link takes you to the National Rail website maps page. An excellent selection of maps are available for the U.K. National network.

U.K. Stock Lists
Rail operating companies are listed together with a lists of their equipment.

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